StrathnairnArts currently has 18 studios spread throughout the property. These studios house a community of artists working in a diverse range of mediums. They are available for rent by both emerging and established artists.

Artists are invited to add their name and application to our waiting list.

All visual artists can apply. This includes:

  • Individual artists (professional, emerging, or recreational)
  • Pairs or groups of artists proposing share-studio arrangements

Arts businesses are not eligible to apply for studio space at Strathnairn Arts.

Selection Criteria
Applications will be assessed against the following criteria:

  1. Commitment to an ongoing arts practice, including participation in exhibitions either individually or in a group
  2. Quality of work and/or perceived potential
  3. Suitability of applicant’s practice to a Strathnairn Arts studio, noting that not all studios are suitable for all art practices
  4. Commitment to frequent and active use of a studio, noting that preference will be given to arrangements that maximise the use of the studio
  5. Demonstrated need for a studio
  6. Willingness to contribute to advancing the Strathnairn Arts vision and participate in the Strathnairn Arts community, including annual Open Studio Day and participation in studio holders exhibitions.

Selection Process
Applications will be assessed by a panel appointed by the Strathnairn Arts Board and may include Strathnairn Arts Board members, staff, practising artists and arts professionals.

Panel recommendations will be forwarded to the Director. Decisions are final and cannot be negotiated.

Length Of Tenancy
Strathnairn Arts has always supported long-term tenancies and aims to continue doing so. Successful applicants will be offered a licence agreement for up to 5 years with ongoing review points to assess that the use of the studio is consistent with the selection criteria above. The offer of further renewal options will depend on Strathnairn Arts’ ability to renew its licence with the ACT Government.

Please note: studios may not be used for purposes other than arts practice. They may not be used as residential accommodation, and are not to be used for storage purposes only.

How To Apply For a Studio
To apply for a studio you will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Address the six selection criteria. Please limit your response to 400 words for each selection criteria.
  2. Attach your CV including exhibitions, prizes, teaching posts, commissions, publications.
  3. Include 6 images of your work from the last 24 months.
  4. Submit an electronic version of your application to the Strathnairn Arts administration at You may provide your application on a thumb drive to Strathnairn Arts, 90 Stockdill Drive, Holt. Please label your application clearly with ‘Your name and Studio Application’.

Studio tenancy is available to Strathnairn members only. Membership forms are available from Strathnairn Gallery or Membership Application

Studio fees start at $180 (GST inclusive) per month.

Address your application to:

Strathnairn Arts Association
PO Box 80
Kippax ACT 2615

or email:
Details of current studio tenants available here